We Shall Not Heed The Servants of Tyranny

Senator Mitch McConnell tried to silence her, insisting she not deliver the truth to her peers in the Senate. Forgetting himself, the senator from Kentucky spoke disrespectfully, by ordering her to sit down and be silent — as if she were a naughty child and not a full-fledged member of the Senate of the United States.  

Elizabeth Warren is not easily dismissed. Although not permitted to speak before the members of the United Sates Senate, Senator Elizabeth Warren of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, instead delivered her message to millions, maybe billions of American citizens, who understood that truth cannot be silenced by Mr. McConnell, or any other servant of tyranny.

Advice To A Budding Kleptocrat

“A would-be kleptocrat is actually better served by spreading cynicism than by deceiving followers with false beliefs: Believers can be disillusioned; people who expect to hear only lies can hardly complain when a lie is exposed.”

                            —  David Frum   The Atlantic


A Simple Protest

Having read that some people planned to ignore television coverage of the Inauguration, I realized it would be an effective form of protest, and It is exactly what I now plan to do. At first my plan to boycott televised coverage was just a private thing between me and my conscience, but I have since reconsidered. How much more effective the protest would be with hundreds or maybe even hundreds of thousands taking part! What do you think? Can we do it?  Only if we try.

The only good thing about Donald Trump

The only good thing about Donald Trump is that you don’t have to go anywhere special, looking to find reasons to dislike him; the candidate comes right into your home in full living color and clear stereo sound on TV.

From the beginning the Republican candidate has been open and generous with his words and expressions of hatred and bigotry. It doesn’t take long to learn everything you need to know about him. He always takes great pains to be explicit when he speaks because, as he has said, his followers are not very bright; so, his speeches are bombastic and entertaining.

There is no way anyone can be falsely steered away from his “true vision” for the United Sates because, he has not given his listeners and followers anything other than a clear vision of fascism with him as head of state. If this floats your boat, then exercise your right to vote for him. But please, don’t try to insult anyone’s intelligence by saying we don’t understand “his vision.”


Margaret’s Opinion of Donald Trump

Margaret, I’ve never been one to hold my tongue and that’s not going to change now. Hillary couldn’t say it because she understands the office she aspires to hold. I, however, am not running for President. And therefore… Donald Trump, you fat-ass, lying son-of-a-bitch. Hillary Clinton doesn’t need to give you or anyone else an […]

via An educated person knows crap when they see it — Margaret and Helen

Plume of Smoke

The sudden appearance of the unknown — the fear of what it might portend stopped my heart for a brief moment.  From my vantage point it seemed to be a fire in the house that belongs to a family member.  The sun was in my eyes.  I panicked.


The fire actually occurred on another street;  I felt relieved.  At the same time, I felt awful about a neighbor’s misfortune.  Thank goodness the local fire department responded quickly.