An Open Letter to my friend, Robin:  

Like you, I’ve often asked myself why is it that talking to a Trump supporter is like talking to a stone?  It took a while until I realized it is all a matter of their pride.

For the most part Trump supporters have been taken by a master manipulator — an A-1 conman, and most of them simply refuse to admit they were, and are, still wrong.

During the election Republican friends assured me the leaders of the GOP would be able to control their-man-Trump.  Additionally, they laughed and asked me how much damage could he possibly do anyhow?

How much indeed; however, those statements helped me understand that Trump supporters knew exactly the kind of man their candidate was and what kind of president he would be.

His supporters knew this man would dismantle most of what had been accomplished in previous administrations and from both sides of the aisle —  in fact, that was their mandate.  What they didn’t know, and still don’t understand, is how the ensuing upheaval can and will adversely affect them personally; perhaps they believe they are immune.

Until Trump supporters admit their mistake and demand redress, this country will grow weaker in the opinion of our enemies, and irrelevant in the eyes of its own citizens, who can’t see through the fog of lies and the covers of scandals, the headlines of treason and felony, all highlighted by lavish living at the expense of the taxpayer.

One thing I know for sure: It is not the strength of a political leader and the military he/she commands that makes a country great, but the clear vision of its free and strong citizens.

Flying Fish

It is not just the incredible sight of fish flying, Trish.  

It’s the scent of the sea, 

the colors of flimsy clouds and 

sun glistening on cresting waves. 

Best of all is to hear the splashing 

of fish leaping from the water, 

fly skyward and fall 

into the rhythm of the tide. 

When flying fish play, 

you remember joy

As if it were forever lost.

Greenwood, Tulsa


                 Greenwood, Tulsa


I never learned about this in primary school, high school, college or university.

Somehow I must have missed the commemorative stories in the media, the laying of wreaths and the flowery, pious  speeches of sorrow and shame.

Where are the memories, the diaries, the dedications, movies and documentaries?  How is it that in this country I alone have remained ignorant?

Is it too late to weep and mourn — to write eulogies and beg forgiveness?

No, it is never too late to become aware, pray and weep.  Although I never knew, I know it now.

I will share what I have learned.

So, we light a candle and pass it forward.  Like most beginnings, it is not enough, but maybe it will grow.


                 Greenwood, Tulsa

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United States




Tulsa County



Greenwood is a neighborhood in TulsaOklahoma. As one of the most prominent concentrations of African-American businesses in the United States during the early 20th century, it was popularly known as America’s “Black Wall Street” until the Tulsa race riot of 1921, in which white residents massacred hundreds of black residents and razed the neighborhood within hours.

The riot was one of the most devastating massacres in the history of U.S. race relations, destroying the once thriving Greenwood community.

Within five years after the massacre, surviving residents who chose to remain in Tulsa rebuilt much of the district. They accomplished this despite the opposition of many white Tulsa political and business leaders and punitive rezoning laws enacted to prevent reconstruction.

It resumed being a vital black community until segregation was overturned by the Federal Government during the 1950s and 1960s. Desegregation encouraged blacks to live and shop elsewhere in the city, causing Greenwood to lose much of its original vitality. Since then, city leaders have attempted to encourage other economic development activity nearby.

Animal Farm

Since the 2016 elections there has been renewed interest in reading the novel 1984, by English author, George Orwell.  Some people seem to think this important work, published in 1949, is actually a prediction of where our society is currently headed. 

While I have always enjoyed reading 1984, I believe another great work of Orwell’s is more germane.

Animal Farm, is an allegorical novella of a society that loses its way, following the leadership of a dishonest, con-man politician.  This society evolves into a brutal dictatorship, built upon a cult of personality enforced by a reign of terror.

Yet, while we are facing a somewhat similar situation today, I don’t believe Orwell was psychic.

The author wrote this book, he said, because he was a was a critic of Joseph Stalin and hostile to Moscow-directed Stalinism.

Animal Farm merely proves that history has a remarkable habit of repeating itself.

It is, therefore, our responsibility to learn the lessons history teaches so as to avoid the pitfalls of the past.

Perhaps someday we will get it right.