Messages from Vieques, Puerto Rico, USA

Messages From Vieques, Puerto Rico, USA

Nicole Olivelli :  Vieques is suffering big time. Parts have had no power since Irma on 9/8/17. Water outages that last a week or longer are still common. Our mayor had been “suspended” (which should of happened long ago). 99% of people with insurance received an insultingly low payment or none at all. It has been 5+ months and personally we live in the 2 dry rooms of my home with my 8 satos, 1 a makeshift kitchen…the other a bedroom. We are connected to the town generator do we have sporadic power. We also consider ourselves lucky.


Nicole Olivelli:   Friends, This was posted yesterday by a friend who has worked non-stop volunteering her time and nursing skills to help the many residents of Vieques who have been forgotten by the “system”–in other words our local, “state” and Federal government. This is a just a drop in the bucket of the number of citizens here who have NEEDLESSLY died since Irma and Maria.


Lisa Young: I’m a nurse who is a VIEQUES resident. 7 people died last week. Preventable deaths. 2 took their own lives due to agonizing pain (no class 3 meds here for end- stage cancer, etc), 2 due to lack of oxygen tanks, 2 because of unavailability of appropriate insulins and 1 from a brain bleed which would’ve been a simple surgical procedure. Our hospital is condemned, the field tents have been relocated, there is no 911 system, etc, etc.

And that’s my 2 minute review of today’s reality. How sad that there’s no cyber interest in this humanitarian crisis….


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