A Correction

Hi Carole. I just saw your Taino Sun article, and although it is 8 years old I want to correct one of the petroglyphs. Regarding the second petroglyph that you felt was the angry Sun…This is NOT a Taíno sun as many assume. The lines outside are not Sun rays but are 24 leaves representing the 24 original Taíno tribes that first came to and inhabited Borikén…the true discoverers! ” It should be noted that the Cacique’s Guanin of The House of Orocobix, does not represent the image of the Sun. The great sacred seal was etched into rock around 900 BC.” Visit http://www.taino-tribe.org/tribal-nation-seal.htm for the full and correct meaning of this ancient petroglyph.

Hope this encourages and intrigues you. Bless.


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