What I’ve Learned About Donald Trump

Recently, a friend took umbrage for my posting on FaceBook about the lack of intelligence of Trump followers.  She says she is not stupid and will vote for Trump because she doesn’t like Hillary. That is her right, and her reasons are her own. My reasons for never voting for Donald Trump, however, are a lot more detailed.

All my opinions are based on first-hand observations of this man. Because I don’t trust the media to report without bias, I’ve watched every rally on TV and listened to many speeches, or watched videos on YouTube.  

 I don’t depend on Fox News nor any other media outlet to tell me what to think. 

First let’s start with Trump’s own description of the people backing him as mindless sheep who would support him no matter what.   So, even he has no respect for his followers and calls them stupid.  And they still follow him, proving that the candidate knows his followers well.


This is why I would never vote for Donald Trump:

1. There is a strong similarity between Trump’s current campaign and Adolph Hitler’s campaign in Germany in the 1930’s.  The similarities are so strong it cannot be coincidental. Fascism or anything akin to fascism has no place in the politics of this country.

2. Donald Trump has displayed his racist views by:
a. insulting the entire country of Mexico — calling them rapists, thieves, etc. Like Hitler, Trump has his scapegoats.
b. Donald Trump mistreated a reporter, a Mexican-American, who is by the way a US citizen, but who was told to go back to where he came from.
c. Donald Trump insisted a US judge could not be impartial because of his Mexican background.

3. Trump has instigated violence at many of his rallies. Minority attendees and protesters have been injured by Trump followers, who were urged on by Trump himself.

4. His followers insist Trump tells it like it is, but he doesn’t tell them anything at all. Donald Trump answers no questions, proposes no plans — all he says is “Trust me.”

5. Trump is a bully. He badmouths his political rivals in a way never before seen in our history. Yet when his rivals fight back, he cries like a baby.

6. As of this date, Trump has not released his taxes.

7. Trump is now trying to get out of the planned debates. He probably knows he is woefully unprepared to debate his opponent.

8. He insults the Kahn family, and in doing so insults every other American family that has lost family members during military service.

9. Trump has insulted American veterans and prisoners of war.

10.Trump has a documented history of bad business dealings, such as not paying his bills and declaring bankruptcy to avoid payment.  If the man can’t manage his own business holdings, how can we trust him to manage our country?


How any American voter can even consider this man a viable candidate for the president of our country is beyond me.


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