The British Choice — Have They Chosen Well?

I am not informed enough on British affairs to know if the British people ultimately made the right choice or not. It seems to me, however, that the British situation is similar to attitudes and movements in the USA —so many people rebelling against the status quo, yet not really understanding the situation or their options. In any case, for many people in Britain, the decision to vote “Leave” was based on fear, distrust of the county’s government and hatred of the immigrants entering the country, something that we here in America know much about.

I’ve heard say that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Nevertheless, it is astonishing to read about the huge fall of the British pound and the British economy has lost billions overnight. Billions?! As a consequence, experts say a recession may follow. How soon then I wonder will the cheers of victory turn into cries of regret?

“While leaders of the Leave campaign spoke earnestly about sovereignty and the supremacy of Parliament or in honeyed tones about “the bright sunlit uplands” of Britain’s future free of Brussels, it was anxiety about immigration — membership in the European Union means freedom of movement and labor throughout the bloc — that defined and probably swung the campaign.

With net migration to Britain of 330,000 people in 2015, more than half of them from the European Union, Mr. Cameron had no effective response to how he could limit the influx. And there was no question that while the immigrants contributed more to the economy and to tax receipts than they cost, parts of Britain felt that its national identity was under assault and that the influx was putting substantial pressure on schools, health care and housing.

The campaign run by one of the loudest proponents of leaving, the U.K. Independence Party, flirted with xenophobia, nativism and what some of its critics considered racism. But the official, more mainstream Leave campaign also invoked immigration as an issue, and its slogan, “Take control,” resonated with voters who feel that the government is failing to regulate the inflow of people from Europe and beyond.”

[Quote taken from the New York Times.]


One thought on “The British Choice — Have They Chosen Well?

  1. absolutely true, same fear in the US. Hopefully Tr?&%$mp won’t win. Otherwise we’ll be in deep sh. Can ignorance be corrected or is it more about misdirected passion? Ay, por Dios que va a pasar? me mudo a Mayaguez.

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