Yes, I am!

I know many high IQ people who want nothing more than to be average.  Surely, a high IQ is something desirable; so, why wish to be something less?   I suppose we are mostly insecure.

We’ve been taught to hide our intellectual gifts by a well-intentioned culture that teaches  lessons in human rights with the words, “We are all the same.”  Sadly that is not entirely true, which is why we have beauty queens and sports stars, billionaires and the homeless.

As for high IQ people?  They are best represented by a very popular and highly entertaining sitcom, where they pose no threat to anyone’s sensibility.

In any case, two years ago, when one particular individual taunted me with the phrase, “You think you are so smart!”  I promptly gave up the argument and the faltering relationship; both of which had stopped being fun for me.  In addition, I knew where the discussion was going.  Been there; done that.  Most important of all, I didn’t want to experience it again.

It turns out, however, I should’ve just acknowledged and countered the statement she had hurled at me with all her self-righteous indignation with the truth.

I should have said,  “Yes, I think it.  I know it.  Yes, I am!”  But I didn’t.

Some lessons are harder to learn than others.


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