Talking With Crooked Tongues

OK, I know I am getting old, and perhaps my memory is not what it was.  Moreover, perhaps, I’ve imagined certain memories; will someone please correct me if I am wrong?

For example: isn’t it true that just a few years ago the Republican party was against Obamacare, insisting that if created there would be death squads and people, not sure who, would pull the plug on grannies, hastening them to their graves?

Now, fast forward to today — is it true that “some” Republican presidential hopefuls presently have called to do away with Social Security and Medicare, effectively pulling the plug on both grannies and grand-papas?

Please, tell me I am wrong in thinking something here is, and always was, outrageous.   

On the other hand if I am right, and my memories are true, we have been witnessing a mysterious and ancient art: talking out of both sides of an ambitious politician’s mouth, without guidance from a working brain.


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