# & Hack

When are people going to stop using the much overused pound-sign # to decorate their prose?  Its use, which recently has gained new prominence on social networks as a means to identity messages on a particular topic, has spread the way a farmer spreads horse manure on barren fields.  This overuse of the hereto humble # is pointless, a barrier to comprehension and distracting.

Equally annoying is the word “hack,” now appearing daily and almost everywhere for no discernible reason, except to highlight meaningless, pointless and boring prose.  The use of these two gimmicks, # and “hack,” is rapidly becoming a signpost for people lacking imagination, poor writing skills  and/or whose vocabularies are limited, but believe their writing will be judged as hip and chic. Ironically, one meaning of the word “hack” refers to a writer wannabe with poor writing skills incapable of producing an original thought.


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