Does the Media Lie?

 Does the media lie? No, but they slant the news, and isn’t that just as bad?

It’s illegal to feed homeless people in public in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.


“Last Sunday, on November 2, 90-year old Arnold Abbott and

two pastors were charged by the Fort Lauderdale Police

Department with giving food to hungry people. For Abbott’s

crime, he faces 60 days in jail and a $500 fine. The criminal

intends to feed hungry people again, and is prepared, he says,

to be arrested as many times as the city can cuff his frail wrists.”



     A few days ago I was chatting with an old friend about the inhumanity of

this law, and commented on how horrified I was listening to the statements

of the Ft. Lauderdale mayor.  My friend, who is a Ft. Lauderdale snowbird,

rushed to correct my misconceptions.  Her understanding of the law was that

the situation on the beach had become unmanageable; it was, after all, the

mayor’s responsibility to clean up that mess.


      As always we have different political views; nevertheless, these differences

were exaggerated, keeping in mind that we were discussing Ft. Lauderdale,

celebrated for decades as the spring-break capital of the United States, where

hoards of college-age tourists party, drink themselves into semi-consciousness

and urinate on the beach.

     Not one to back down from a good argument, I countered by saying that this law

is aimed not at the young revelers, but at the homeless.

     My friend insisted I just didn’t understand the situation.

      I asked her if she had heard the mayor speak.

      No, she said, but she heard all about the story on Fox News; she then repeated

what she had heard on TV, “to correct my misunderstanding.” 

     Although I tried to stop her recitation, telling her I had already heard the mayor

speak on the issue, she ignored me, adding that she trusted Fox News. After all,

would they lie? Hmm…Would Fox News lie?  Indeed.



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