Beige: An Unlikely Trip Through America’s Racial Obsession

After almost five years of writing, editing

and rewriting, Leo Oladimu candidly relates

the incredible story of his life. From the

beginning, this is a memoir like no

other. For starters, the original memoir is

handprinted entirely in pencil, a true

manuscript in every sense of the word. Why?

The answer to that question and others

is revealed in Leo’s own words:


Beige: An Unlikely Trip Through

America’s Racial Obsession [Kindle Edition.]



  “A half-Black punk rocker from DC

    with an IQ in the top 1% goes to prison in

    New York at 19 for a crime he didn’t

    commit. Eleven years later he gets out,

    and three months after that, is accused by

    the US government of leading a neo-Nazi

    terrorist plot to blow up a gathering of Jews

    at the New England Holocaust Memorial

    in Boston.

    Ten years later, he’s Black again.

   Impossible? Totally happened. Here’s how:

   Beige: An Unlikely Trip Through America’s

   Racial Obsession is my story, raw dog, no cut.

   There was a lot of hype surrounding my case

   in ’01, but even the media’s fun-house-mirror

   version of what went down with me still managed

  to strike a chord with a lot of people, particularly

  with other Multiracial folks like myself,

  leaving them with questions in their minds —

  Why? How? No secondhand account of

  Leo Felton has ever answered those questions,

  whether due to ideological dogmatism on the

  part of the writers or just due to the fact

  that the story is unique and that if you aren’t

  me you can’t truly explain how and why it happened.

  Whatever the case, the government and its press

  have never explained it.


  So I have.”


5 thoughts on “Beige: An Unlikely Trip Through America’s Racial Obsession

  1. Glad to see leo finally wrote a book. Long ago were the days we ran the streets and ended up as co-defendants sharing a cell. He was a tormented soul. Looks to me like hes found some solace

  2. Can you buy the book or is only on kindle. Leo was in prison with my son and I wanted to send him a copy. Thanks Candy Strickland

  3. As of right now the book is only on Kindle, but Leo is working on publishing the print version. It should be out in about two months.

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