Gritty New York Novel


You Have The Right To
Remain Silent

— M. M. Mc Namara

 Fifteen year old Maureen Connelly catapults over rooftops in 1950’s New York City with her bad-boy boyfriend as they navigate their gritty, multi-ethnic, blue collar neighborhood. Looking back Maureen has a unique point of view and no misplaced nostalgia for the past or the good old days. The author’s compelling, original, opinionated voice drives the biting, first-person narrative in this smart, character-driven, debut novel.  It is so much more than a coming-of-age story.  Ethnicity, race, and the norms, mores and conventions of the fifties and sixties are an intricate part of the chronicle.  The matter-of-fact, hardboiled, irreverent delivery enhances the serious subject and many ironies.  The City of New York is an integral character in this vivid, harrowing tale.  Tough, provocative, intense, powerful, dark, complex, this is a story that opens a vein, gets close to the bone, and haunts you long after you read the last page.

The author who was born and raised in New York City lives on a small island in the Caribbean.


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