Surrendering Eden

Rossetti was interested in figures locked in e...

Rossetti was interested in figures locked in embrace; cf. the embracing figures at the bottom of the Mystical Nativity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I’ve said before poems are not finished until they emerge fully from the creative haze. This one has gone through so many changes it evolved into a whole other poem; yet each line is exactly what I needed to say when I first started.  Who needs a shrink when there is poetry?

Surrendering Eden


By Vespertine voices

guided snow arrives at

sunset, howling a dirge

melodic thru fangs of ice.



Gossamer gowns, veils, crowns,

tempest gifts drape the garden;

fallen trees beneath the snow

recall their dance and weep.



Cariño, should we walk now

hand in hand, our halting steps

unsteady and much too slow?

Dare we turn to watch our



Footprints fill with ice?

Querido, it’s so cold!

Will we complete our crossing

still through this vale of snow?


— Carole Fragoza

2 thoughts on “Surrendering Eden

  1. Ah, the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, probably one of my favorite collaborations in art-history. Poetry and Symbolism are meant to live together. They empower each other like no other..

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