Remembering Snow

Here is another reworked poem. It seems they have a life of their own, as they periodically reawaken, demanding revision.  

Frosty Footpath - winter snow

Frosty Footpath

Remembering Snow

Across the blanketed fields,

shivering whispers hiss,

a dirge of a long night’s

passing, through fangs of ice.

Snow has dressed the garden:

white gowns, lace veils, frosty

crowns; trees break beneath

the weight of their finery.

Dawn blinks; shadows cringe,

hastily retreating

from ricocheting light.

Her radiance stretches wide!

Shall we walk now hand in hand;

our halting steps unsteady,

and perhaps, much, too, slow?

Dare we turn to watch our

Footprints fill with ice?

Querido, it’s so cold!

Shall we complete our crossing

anyhow— through this vale of snow?

—Carole Fragoza Diaz

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