New Year, Old Scam

The scam truck

The scam truck (Photo credit: jepoirrier)

This afternoon I received the first telephone call / message  scam of the year. I have decided that every single time that I receive such a telephone call I’m just going to post the number on this blog, hoping to alert as many people as possible.

And how do I know for sure it is a scam? Try calling these people; they will ask for your name, your address, your telephone number, your credit card number and every other important piece of your information, allowing the thieves to steal your most precious possession, your identity. Once they have that information, your finances are no longer safe.

I have cut-and-paste the message I received on my phone so that you can see what a scammer’s calling card is like; don’t fall for it!

“Please call us @ 1-800-340-0539 We’ve been trying to reach you about your $250 Walmart Gift Voucher.
stop 2 stop, help 4 help. Msg rates may apply.”


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