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The Newsroom

One thought on “The Newsroom

  1. I also remember when it was the greatest country in the world; we weren’t perfect, but we aspired to perfection. We weren’t tolerant, but we reached into our hearts and learned tolerance a little bit at a time. We worked hard. studied hard and yes, even played hard, and we won, often. At times we were afraid, but that didn’t stop us from moving forward, and we did it together—not as Democrats or Republicans, Tea party, right-winger, liberals, but as Americans. And the saddest thing today is not that we are no longer none of these things, but that we are afraid to say it.

    We need to accept a new challenge. This time it will not be a trip to the moon, to Mars, or to the bottom of the sea, but to the library to read, learn and be informed. We need to stop watching the buffoons on tv, manipulating us with their deliberate misinformation. We’re become a divided country because of it. We need to learn the definitions of the ideals we say we believe in, since it is obvious we don’t know or seemingly care to understand them anymore.

    Are we brave enough to face the truth and change things? It is how this country was born. Are we less than our forefathers? I hope not.

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