A New Page Turns

 This blog’s name was Carole’s Kentucky Chronicles, but as of today I’ve shortened the name to Carole’s Chronicles. It is not that I love Kentucky any less, it is just that I no longer live there.

During a bitter-sweet parting, I took with me warm and loving memories of that beautiful state and gracious people.

Looking forward to enjoying summer all year round, I’ve moved south to a warmer climate. Naturally, when one moves south the temperatures are not only higher, but the humidity is also higher. It is more intense than I was accustomed to in Kentucky—which is in itself no slouch in the  area of hot and humid summers. It is, however, in the realm of the bug where my education got interesting.


Florida Lovebug




Any introduction to the long drifting curtains of drifting mosquitos is going to be unpleasantly itchy, but meeting the giant flying roaches also known as palmetto bugs, up close and personal was a shock worthy of a Si-Fi grade C flick.

Strangely enough the huge roaches, whose antennae are probably the longest I’ve ever seen on any insect, were not as startling as the Florida love bug, which as its name implies is seen always mating—even when in flight. In addition, startling at first, but strangely beautiful, Dragonflies always catch my eye and my imagination.

In any case the bugs and I have come to an understanding. They live outdoors and I live indoors. There will be peace between us as long as those boundaries are respected. I have agreed to this settlement of our differences because, I suspect that in an all-out war, I would lose.

Florida Palmetto Bug

As soon as I am unpacked and settled, I will continue exploring this fascinating new place in my chronicles, now written in my new home in Florida.


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