Queen Yuiza  of Boriken

Above: Detail of artist Samuel Lind’s ‘Yuiza’, Cacique Chief.

“The Legends of Loiza are many but perhaps the most popular one is about the female Taino Cacique ( chief) named Yuiza ( Yuisa, Loaiza, Luisa, Loiza). Of all the Taino Chiefs of the Caribbean there were only two who were women, only one in Boriken ( Puerto Rico).”

To read the remainder of this fascinating story click on this link or cut and paste into your browser window:   It will take you to a wonderful site I have visited many times and reviewed on this blog. The legend of the last Taino queen is part of the history of Loiza, Puerto Rico.

The legend of Taino Chief, Yuiza continued undiminished through the centuries to the year 1972 when an artist from Loiza had a vision in which Loaiza came to her. The result of this vision is the painting Lolita Cuevas completed under unusual circumstances. Details of this story, too, are found on this informative website.


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