No Match For A New Jersey Highway Patrolman

New Jersey

New Jersey (Photo credit: Martin Haesemeyer)

Traveling is educational; lately, I’ve learned that flying furniture is way more common than we have been led to believe.

In May, on a heavily traveled Georgia interstate, for example, I sighted a jaunty, red, winged-back chair that had landed in the middle lane and took up residence.

Yesterday, a beat-up faded denim-blue sofa reclined in the left-hand lane of a crowded New Jersey interstate. This time, however, an intrepid highway patrolman was definitely on the job.

The patrol car, lights blazing and siren howling, appeared out of nowhere and sped to the sofa. Once at the scene, one of New Jersey’s finest parked his patrol car in front of the obstruction—apparently to warn off drivers. By this time, however,  rubber-necking had all but stopped traffic to a crawl; although traffic never really seems to stop completely on any interstate.

Astonished, we watched this ordinary human being transform into a hero as he heaved, shoved and lifted the sofa to the grass shoulder without help.


Now, here there was a cop exactly when we needed one.

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