Taino Gods

I’ve found a site that gives some information on Taino Gods. While the information is limited and there are no photographs of relics, it is a fairly respectable introduction to a topic not too widely covered.

Magen's Beach as seen from Mountain Top, St. T...


Another web site, Taino Symbology shows a livelier page with copies of stone images of the gods, but the amount of info on legend or mythology is sparse.

http://www.tainogallery.com/symbology/  Image

I rarely think of the US Virgin Islands when reading about the Taino, but a quick search revealed their presence on St. John, one of my favorite islands, and home to a life-long friend.



One thought on “Taino Gods

  1. J. Montana from LinkedIn discussion. You are correct, I wouldn’t think of the the Virgin Island in referencing the Taino. My daughter is Latino and this is great info.

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