The Taino Indians and the Jose Maria Cave

Taino symbol of a gongoli

Taino symbol of a gongoli (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although Indiana University’s Underwater Science Program is a long ways from the Caribbean and the Taino homelands, the members of this program have amassed impressive photographs of Taino artifacts and cave drawings.

Be sure to sift carefully through all the information they offer, which is mixed in with other area studies; because although they have done a beautiful job collecting artifacts, the Study of the Taino is not their main focus. However, just when you think you have seen all there is, you may likely discover some wonderful photographs under some other heading. Another warning, the photographs are disappointingly small; however, I was able to enlarge them somewhat easily with my browser to an acceptable viewing size.

I have copied these few lines of text below, and two images as a sample of this site has to offer.

The Taino Indians and the Jose Maria Cave

Taino Indians

Dominican Republic, 1500 AD

Image  “Depicted among these pictographs is the mythology and history of the Taino people. They worshipped the bat and the owl, which were believed to carry spirits away to the afterlife, and Atabey, the goddess of fresh water and mother of the yucca plant.”

“Reading from left to right, the tribute depicts a rectangular grater that is used on the yucca (guayo) root imaged by an s-shaped object. 
The grid barbeque, just to the right of the root, cooked the casaba bread imaged above. A cacique, or chief, is represented between 
the barbeque and a tall guayiga plant that was also part of the tribute. Finally, a long boat which shipped the casaba bread and
 guayiga to the Spanish camps is depicted.”



2 thoughts on “The Taino Indians and the Jose Maria Cave

  1. Taino-ti’ Carole, ( Taino for Hi and May the Great Spirit be with you) I am humblly honored by your inclusion of my Caciqua Necklace( Caciqua-means -female chief in Taino). Elegant tribal necklace by ANenaJewelry on Etsy ( in your blog and I am very moved by your connection to it. May you and all who you love have peace and light all of the day of your life.-A’Nena

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