Home Again

English: Sandhill cranes taking flight at Lake...

Sandhill crane in Florida. Image via Wikipedia

It was a difficult decision, but finally reason prevailed.  I packed my things, loaded the car, kissed everyone good-by and returned home. Vacation over.

Sandhill Crane

Sandhill Crane

I will miss visiting places with names like Yee-haw and Flippin, and I regret failing to photograph the huge and magnificent  sandhill cranes—maybe next time they will learn to cooperate. Until then I have this photo to remind me that once we stared each other down—and they won.

The trip home was difficult, the weather horrendous; most drivers were on a mission to seek and destroy anything that moved. It seemed that every ten miles roadsigns told of repair crews, seemingly invisible, but requiring the speed be limited to 55 mph non-the-less. Lastly, I discovered that the highway police are very hard working, particularly in Georgia where patrol cars hide behind strategically-placed dense shrubbery to snag the unwary. Luckily, they were too busy writing tickets to bother with me.

Time to unpack.


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