Guakia Taino Yahabo

Welcome To The First Edition of The Modern Taino Dictionary


I had always been taught the Taino were extinct, but I have since learned the people are very much alive. Today, I discovered the Taino language is still spoken.

The first edition of the Modern Taino Dictionary is online. It is a work in progress—constantly changing and being updated as is the dictionary of any other living language.

This new Dictionary of the Spoken Taino Language is available to anyone interested in the speech and culture of the Native American people who greeted Columbus to their shores, and faced extinction for their hospitality. 

As I explore the vocabulary of the Taino, I discover that for all my life I have known and spoken many of their words. Until today I did not know, nor did I understand they were words that formed an important part of my heritage—an unbreakable link to my past.

The Taino also live on in me, in the children I have born and in those I have taught.

This new knowledge brings tears of astonishment to my eyes.

I hope the spirits of my Taino ancesters will forgive my ignorance and accept my efforts to let all people know that We the Taino are still here; Guakia Taino Yahabo. 


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