Anacaona Dances

Anacoana Dances

Anacaona Dances by Leo V. Oladimu

 Anacaona, Queen

of the



Anacaona (1464 – c. 1504), also called the Golden Flower, was a Taíno cacique (chief), sister of Bohechío and wife of Caonabo, chief of a nearby territory, two of the five highest caciques who ruled the island of Hispaniola when the Spaniards settled there in 1492. She was celebrated as a composer of ballads and narrative poems, called areítos.

Although Queen Anacaona, had been friendly to the Spaniards, Spanish Governor Nicolás de Ovando had Queen Anacaona and her Taíno noblemen arrested on charges of conspiracy against the Spanish, and they were all executed. While the Taíno noblemen were shot, Queen Anacaona was executed by hanging. She was thirty-nine years old.

—From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


5 thoughts on “Anacaona Dances

  1. Leo’s depiction of Queen Anacaona is gorgeous! It expresses her passion, strength and beauty. I see her dancing to one of her areítos.

  2. Queen Anacaona is as Leo imagines her. “wild, free and beautiful.” Thanks, Melanie, for reminding me of the areítos. My next post will show a recreation of a Taino celebration.

  3. Thank you Carole. I am looking forward to reading his book. Not sure if you’re the one who helped him write it. I live in Boston and was fascinated by his story. I found out today that it is available on Amazon which is fantastic.

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