Señora, Lissen, Please

Señora? Habla Ramon.

Señora, I am sorry I am late,

but I can’t come in

to work today.


Sí, I understand—

I know you count on me,

and there is much work, but,

Señora, lissen, please—


My son, mi hijo Tomás, last night

he died, ¡Sí! They killed Tomás,

my son. ¡Ay, pobre Tomasito!

Sí, downtown…two shots.


Señora lissen, please,

I fix the garden pool tomorrow

as pretty as you ever see—

Today there is much to do,


And, Señora, his mother,

she won’t stop crying,

I don’t know and I’m afraid…

I can’t go work today.


But the connection…it was broken…

—Carole Fragoza Fernández

Bay Shore, NY

June 1972





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