The Taino People

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Cacique Agüeybaná greeting Juan Ponce de León

When I was a young girl, growing up in New York City, I was taught that the Tainos were extinct. And this was what I believed until just two years ago when suddenly I received email with a simple message: We live; we endure. Since then I try to learn as much as I can about these people who met Columbus when he landed at the shores of the new world. How could they have known the tragedy that would ensue?

This introductory paragraph, written by Ivonne Figueroa, is just a sample of an excellent, informative article. For the entire article go over to the El Boriqua website. (The link follows below.)

Taínos by: Ivonne Figueroa

July 1996
 Edited by Barbara Yañez,

Assistant WebSite Editor

Imagine the “Eden” called Borikén. It was ruled by nature. A place that was almost completely a rain forest from shore to shore. A place filled with yagrumos, alelís, ceibas, orchids, wild mushrooms – some over 6 feet wide, over 100 species of palm trees, bamboo, elephant ear leaves of the yautía, giant philodendron, giant ferns, mamey and guava trees. A place where wildlife such as cangrejos, manatees, giant sea turtles, iguanas, cotorras, and carpinteros lived undisturbed by man. Giant fish jumped out of rivers and oceans. Each evening Borikén was cooled by the breezes of the Mar Caribe and serenaded by trillions of coquíes. This was our Isla del Encanto during the reign of the brave Taíno people.

To read the complete article go to the El Boricua website:

The subtitle says that it is for Puerto Ricans, but since it is written in English its information is readily available to any American interested in the Taino. I recommend this site highly.


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