Taino Symbology Review

Reconstruction of Taino village

Image via Wikipedia

Reproduction of a Taino Village


I’ve found a great site for those of us interested in learning more about our Taino roots.


Explaining what this site is all about in their own words:

“TainoGallery.com presents a variety of handmade artwork which represents the culture and heritage of the original indigenous inhabitants of caribbean islands of Cuba, Quisqueya/Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic), Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and surrounding areas including northeastern South America.”


The people at Taino Gallery offer many Taino graphics as well as a great deal of information on Taino symbols.



And last but not least, TainoGallery.com offers reproductions of ceramic masks for sale, ready to hang on your wall where you can display your Taino pride.


Taino Symbology
Source: tainogallery.com TainoGallery.com – “Por Nuestra Identidad Cultural” – Reproduction Taino Ethnic Art



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