Like Yogi Said

“It ain’t over till it’s over!”

We Americans love the underdog. We may not agree with said underdog; perhaps we don’t even like the individual, but we certainly do get a vicarious thrill when the person slated for defeat by all the political wags emerges victorious.

Congratulations, Sen. Lisa Murkowski. You beat the odds. Many of your voters may not have known how to spell your name, but they turned out for you and your message. This tells me a lot more about the will and the spirit of this country than some hackneyed political sound bite. Most importantly, we admire your ability to get the voters to participate in the electoral process, which is what democracy is all about.

Please, make those people glad they turned out to vote.


One thought on “Like Yogi Said

  1. I’m happy that Murkowski won because it would piss off Sarah Palin. That broad’s waay too full of herself.

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