Jeanne Moureau in the San Sebastian Internatio...

Jeanne Moureau, Image via Wikipedia

Age does not protect you from love,

but love to some extent

protects you from age.

– Jeanne Moreau

Usually when people speak of love, it is automatically assumed we refer to romantic love, as if it were the only type of love. Romantic love is the emotion that is celebrated in song and rhyme, one that makes us giddy with excitement and sets our eyes all a glitter and our hearts all a fluttery. However, I call romantic love the junk food of emotions, because in limiting ourselves  to that one aspect of love, as intoxicating and as pleasurable as it is, we deny ourselves the immense power and majesty of all aspects of love.

Junk-food-love leaves no room for healthy emotions with the potential to grow, strengthen, nourish, and inspire body and soul. Often because the real thing is quiet and unassuming, we doubt it is real. It is then we run the risk of letting it slip through our fingers.

Without a doubt, the junk-food-love diet damages our ability to recognize the flavor of genuine love. After a lifetime of indulging in diet of junk, our taste buds become jaded; we lose the ability to recognize the healthy stuff, the forever type of  love —the one we say we want.

But we wouldn’t be human if we did not indulge—once a a while. 🙂


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