Judy Garland

Many years ago—in another lifetime it seems, I studied voice. I had always loved music and wanted piano lessons, but my family could not afford it. Then as if in answer to my prayers my high school decided to offer voice as an elective and for one glorious year I sang, and I sang on key much to everyone’s surprise.

I learned many things in that class: breath control, how to read music/sight reading, and most importantly an appreciati0n for the incredible instrument that is the human voice. But alas, I was never destined to become a great diva.

Today, audiences expect flash and gimmicks in their entertainers, but the unadorned perfect voice controlled by a master artist like Judy Garland can never be matched by the slight of hand or smoke and mirrors of technology.

This rendition of “Do It Again”, which by the way scandalized the polite society of its day with its suggestive and risqué lyrics, is a such an example of the unadorned, unmatched beauty and power of the human voice.


3 thoughts on “Judy Garland

  1. Carole – you have always been one of the most musically sound people I know. Though some may be stage people, it takes people like us to be able to appreciate as an audience what goes into a truly good performance.

  2. ~~Thank you for reminding us of the wonderful Judy!! Loved the song~~ just dont make them like that anymore!!

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