Taino Sun Symbols

This is my favorite Taino sun symbol. It appears to have a warm, “friendly” look.

Recently I found three  other sun symbols on a Wiki page uploaded by Mistman123 and I thought to share these images.

This Taino sun image looks angry, just as if he, el sol, was getting ready to hit someone with a nasty burn.

On the other hand this one looks happy, and ready to party!

Lastly, this Taino sun looks as if he went to the party and had a wild time!

All these

Taino sun images remind us of the civilization that was flourishing in the new world before my ancesters ever thought to set sail far over the horizon.

The Taino and their symbols still speak to us; they even set our imaginations on fire. (Pun Intended)


2 thoughts on “Taino Sun Symbols

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  2. Thank you for taking the time to write this correction. If you don’t mind I would like to feature your post as a guest writer on my blog.

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