Rescued Friends

On a hot and sultry afternoon is there anything better than to stretch out in the shade in the company of a few friends? This is especially true after a rousing game of chase followed by wrestling, running and tumbling.

Today, these beautiful dogs look like the pampered, happy pets they are, but at one time their futures looked bleak. At one time each of these dogs was homeless and hungry. Three of them were found wandering down unfriendly roads, malnourished and with little hope of finding a home. Nevertheless they are the lucky ones; they were adopted.

The smiling German shepherd in front is my good friend. Although she is happy today, it was not always so for her. For her first two years of life, she was kept in a cage with no human or animal contact. This magnificent animal did not even have a name; her previous owner called her “dog.” Even today although she sometimes answers to “dog,” she knows her name is Dixie. The good people who rescued her from her solitary confinement named her, because everyone—even a dog—should at least have a name.

Today Dixie is truly rich. She has friends to play with, good food to eat and in the heat of a late spring afternoon, cool shade. But I am richer by far with the joy and laughter she has brought into my life.

Rescue a friend today.

(Thank you, Kate, for this beautiful photograph.)


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