Remembering Snow

Rewriting this poem has given me a tremendous amount of angst. I have given birth to three daughters with less travail and much more satisfaction. I do not understand why I felt driven to rewrite something I should have just thrown away, but now that it is done I feel I have flown around the sun. 🙂

Remembering Snow

Snow has arrayed the garden

with crystalline fabric,

white gown, lace veil—

trees break beneath the weight

of their finery.

Across the sleek domain

of a long night’s passing,

soft whispers hiss across the ice.

Dawn blinks; shadows cringe.

Each snow crystal has become

a glowing, frosty sun,

and radiance stretches wide.

As we walk now, you and I

hand in hand, our halting steps

unsteady, and perhaps, too, slow,

dare we turn to watch


our footprints fill with ice?

Querido, shall we complete

our crossing anyhow

across the breath of snow?

—Carole Fragoza

Lexington, Kentucky 2010


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