Dialogue With God


2 thoughts on “Dialogue With God

  1. Carole,ever thought about the three basic ways of talking? 1. talk to 2. talk at 3. talk WITH. first two are designed to end dialogue, they have spoken their stand. talking with encourages dialogue to continue. The Lord prefers number three.
    He is here 24/7 on a caring basis for all who ask first. problem, many can not get there. with our 100% free at all times TALK WITH THE LORD helps people do this in the comfort of a neighborhood home where 4-5 friends get together once a month to share ideas and inspiration to talk with the

    lord about questions involving their everyday life FREE INFO G. HUBBARD,p.o.box2232,ponte vedra fl 32004 blog http://talkwiththe lord.blodspot.com/ being free to all any boost is appreciated

  2. Thanks for your comment. We are so accustomed to talking at God (we call it prayer) we forget conversation is a two-way affair and we never shut up long enough to listen.

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