History Repeating Itself

Who will defend this country against its own people, those striking out of fear and ignorance, emboldened by ambitious leaders, hungry for power; citizens who would be horrified to know that they themselves are the true instruments of chaos?


One thought on “History Repeating Itself

  1. I wouldn’t go so far as comparing the frothing mad Republican “TEA-baggers” to the Nazi’s on Kristallnacht, but you can definitely see some strong parallels. Mostly people enduring economic hardship finding an available scapegoat to blame their troubles on, leading to physical violence and destruction. My main concern is that some hate group (probably not the KKK as that would be too obvious) will end up tapping into the hatred mentality generated by the TEA baggers (and yes, I know they prefer to be known as TEA partiers, but I prefer TEA baggers as it fits them better- do a google search if you are unfamiliar with the slang term). I often wonder how much of the TEA bagger hatred is racially driven instead of politically driven. But people don’t want to be branded a racist, so they pretend their hatred is based on political instead of racial divides. Let us not forget, it was a similar economic situation,a smooth talking politician named Adolph Hitler, and a gullible public that fell for his lies and misconceptions that brought us the Nazi regime and the horrors of WWII. The very same thing could happen to us if we overreact to the flaming rhetoric of those who intend to seek power through the masses.

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