Ron’s Comments

Yesterday, March 27, I challenged Jimbo, a reader who took exception to my criticism of the conservative rightwing, to express his views. Jimbo has not, as yet, accepted that challenge.  On the other hand, another reader has added his criticisms of the conservatives.

Fearing that Ron Hargrove’s comments would get lost in the comments section, I decided to highlight them here as a post. If Jimbo or any other spokesman for the rightwing wishes to speak up, I will give him or her the same consideration.

No, Jimbo, we are not afraid of hearing what conservatives have to say. The platform is ready for you. Speak up!

Ron’s Comments

Sarah Palin as a political mastermind? What time does this come on? I really need a good belly laugh, and nobody is more ridiculous than Sarah Palin. How she can keep such a straight face delivering those hilarious one-liners, I’ll never know…

On a more personal level, I will openly admit I am a leftist radical and damned proud of it.

I have stood by and watched the rightwing, Retardlican-led administration strip us of our constitutional rights to the point a good friend became frightened because the Dubya administration closely resembled a fascist regime (and she has personal experience with fascism, back in the day.)

I have seen incompetent financial leadership nearly bankrupt this country by turning their backs to their Retardlican buddies to sidestep banking regulations in favor of unregulated profit taking.

I have seen a personal vendetta throw us into a conflict in Iraq based on fabricated false accusations costing thousands of lives of our young men—and throwing our country into a debt cavern with the Chinese we will probably never be able repay,

(and truth be known, there is strong evidence the conflict was created to give Chaney’s old company Halliburton and other cronies a humongous cash cow of unbidfederal war contracts).

Bin Laden hasn’t been caught,

and New Orleans still lies in ruins.

But I do have to thank Dubya’s administration for one thing. His incompetent “leadership” led to such a horrific approval rating that the voting public gave the whole Retardlican party a swift boot in the backsides on their way out the door. Now all three governing bodies are under Democratic control, and some real improvements to the system can be made. But not that the Retardlicans would go down without a fight, no sir.

Complete falsehoods, fabrications, and outright lies regarding every single bill the Obama administration has put forth has been vomited out of the Retardlican mouthpieces onto the American public.

The health care bill has obviously been the worst:

• pure unadulterated lies about death panels deciding who lives and dies,

•  private insurance becoming illegal,

•  gun toting IRS agents raiding the homes of people who don’t have insurance,

•  your tax dollars funding abortions on demand,

• the administration exempting themselves and Congress from the bill, and on and on and on.

And what is equally disturbing is that so many people out there believed this pathetic garbage without checking it out! Of course if any of these lies were true, nobody would support health care reform. But then the Retardlicans had the unmitigated gall to claim the bill shouldn’t be passed because the bill is unpopular with the public, due in no small part because of the baseless smear campaign they fabricated and heaved upon the American public!

Unbelievable! I am SICK TO DEATH of having to endure Republican spun false data and reports, misrepresentations, intentional fabrications, misinformation, outright lies, bullying tactics, scare tactics, etc. in print and video in regards to health care reform!


The Obama administration is the first administration in decades that decided they would fight hard to do the right thing (and fixing our broken health care system was one
”right thing”) irregardless of political repercussions. That takes a brave man. He has made tough and unpopular choices that needed to be made. That is what a true leader does. I am proud of what Obama has accomplished, and will continue to support him through this and his next term.

—Ron Hargrove


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