Definition of Courage

Strange fate of manThis was also my mother’s strange fate. She was afraid of everything, especially the open water, yet she managed  to cross rough seas as a stowaway because she had no money for the passage north.

She was poor and uneducated, yet she ran away from her home in Puerto Rico and voyaged  to New York City where the language and customs were alien, seeking a better life.

Life had not been kind to her, yet she met its challenges one after another.

Fear drove her and yet she did not flinch, fearing the alternative.

Sometimes I wonder if that is not the best definition of courage.


One thought on “Definition of Courage

  1. Your mother left behind family, friends, and everything familiar and had to work very hard in NYC. Throughout her life, did she continue to feel this was all for the best?

    When I’ve faced hard times, I guess I haven’t thought of it as courage because the problems – primarily economic – have occupied such a large part of my thoughts. When it takes a major effort to figure out how to make all of the ends meet and, especially, make sure there’s food on the table for your children everything else seems minor in comparison.

    I think that’s one reason why it’s difficult for people living in poverty to better themselves. Survival takes so much effort that there’s not enough of you left to drag yourself out of the hole you’ve found yourself in. I’ve always been so grateful that I had the good sense to complete my undergraduate degree before marrying. That gave me the opportunity to move up to better jobs.

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