Lou Dobbs and the Birthers

As much as I want to agree with this letter from Southern Poverty Law Center, I keep remembering that freedom of speech is too precious a freedom to set aside because a bigot is using it for his own despicable agenda.

Nevertheless, we cannot allow Mr. Dobbs’ mudslinging to go unchallenged. We can use our right of freedom of speech, too, to let everyone know we will not be fooled by the weavers of falsehoods and the peddlers of hate.


July 24, 2009

Dear Friend,

Lou Dobbs is at it again.

We’ve told you about how the CNN host has used

his platform to spread hateful propaganda that

demonizes Latinos.

Now, Dobbs is supporting the bizarre claims of so-

called “birthers” who insist that President Obama isn’t

really a citizen of the United States and that his

presidency, therefore, is not legitimate.

The truth about Obama’s birth in Hawaii is not in

dispute. It has been verified by many reputable

journalists, including CNN legal analyst Jeffrey

Toobin, who called the claims “a joke,” and even a

reporter on Dobbs’ own show. Yet Dobbs continues

to fan the flames.

It’s important to note that this conspiracy theory was

concocted by an anti-Semite and circulated by racist

extremists who cannot accept the fact that a black

man has been elected president. Among those who

helped disseminate the lie was the neo-Nazi who

killed a security guard at the Holocaust Memorial

Museum in June.

Respectable news organizations should not be

peddling propaganda that supports the agenda of

radical extremists who are only interested in stirring

up hate and fomenting violence. But Dobbs continues

to do just that. And it’s irresponsible for CNN to let

him continue trading in falsehoods.

Enough is enough. Today, I’ve written to the

president of CNN urging that Dobbs be removed

from the air.

I encourage you to contact CNN yourself. If enough

of us speak up, the network will listen.

Thank you for standing strong against hate.


J. Richard Cohen

President, Southern Poverty Law Center


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