Puerto Rico, U. S. A. – The Enchanted Island

Puerto Rico is called La Isla del Encanto, the island of delight or enchantment; I have always called it the enchanted island. During my visit to the island last year  many of my photographs were lost, but these images survived:

Azure sky and turquoise sea

Sea and Sky

Old San Juan in the early morning

Old San Juan

This is a guard outpost, part of the wall that protected the city from pirates and foreign invasion. Walking along the outside perimeter is the only way to see the incredible construction of these formidable walls.


A government building in Old San Juan. The blue cobblestones, paving the streets of the old city were originally  ballast in the Spanish ships. Their color is really a deep marine blue, but in the bright Caribbean sun everything photographs lighter.

Government House in Old San Juan

This waterfall is in El Yunque Rainforest, part of the United States National Park System. This is a must-see for anyone wanting to visit a truly beautiful natural marvel. The rain forest has been described as being as close to Paradise as many of us are ever likely to see.
Waterfall in El Yunque, part of the U. S. National Park System


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