Hiding and Protecting Gillie Young

Once again calls for Gillie Young are coming into my home. This time I discovered from listening to voice mail that Gillie Young is male. Ah, a new piece of information.

The voice leaving the message was stern and authoritative. “Call me back immediately,” the caller commanded.

Yeah, right.

Well, the caller might be an attorney as he claimed and he might be stern and authoritative, but he was none too bright. Or maybe, that is a prerequisite for being a debt collector? By now the file on Gillie Young, whoever he is and wherever he lives, should show that he does not live at my address and that this is not and has never been his phone number. It has been mine for eight years.

Why do I have to prove these simple facts every time someone gets an itch to make money by placing a call?

The last time I got fed up and asked the Kentucky state attorney general for help, the collection agency, NCO Financial Services, insisted they were within their rights to call;  they were trying to collect a bad debt. When told that the debt was not mine, they answered that since I was hiding and protecting Gillie Young, they were entitled to call. Do they have to prove that statement? No, they don’t.

Entitled. Don’t you love it? Entitled to harass. Entitled to stalk. Laws protecting consumers and private citizens against these agencies must be made stronger and then enforced to actually protect the consumer.

Well, here is something about entitlement the collection agencies may not understand: I am entitled to peace and quiet in my own home.

Ok, Mr.  Gillie Young, don’t worry about eluding the hordes of debt collectors, just worry about someday having to face the very angry woman whose phone number you have used to avoid paying bills.

Meanwhile, if any of you see your caller ID showing a call from 800 Service, 866.618.5732, pick it up. Maybe someone has decided that you, too, are hiding and protecting Gillie Young.


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