What Is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine is an experimental medication for the treatment of chemical dependence. Depending on whom you believe this substance, discovered in plants from the West African rain forests, is either a miracle cure for drug addiction or a dangerous, addictive drug whose use can be deadly. And maybe it is all of the above.

In 1962, Howard Lotsof discovered the anti-addictive effects of ibogaine, reported to reduce both narcotic and cocaine withdrawal symptoms in humans. It is, however, illegal in the United States because of its powerful hallucinogenic properties.

For 47 years there has existed a “cure” for addiction.

Yet during those 47 years, how many people have been sacrificed to the War on Drugs? How many cops have been killed and how many children have been caught in the crossfire—too many to count and that is just shameful. How many have died of drug overdoses? Can we count the graves?

It is hard for me to believe that in 47 years U. S. scientists have not been able to render ibogaine a safe, effective drug. Scientists in the United States, however, can’t work on ibogaine research because it is illegal; it is also banned in Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium and Australia. Ibogaine, however, is perfectly legal in other countries, including Mexico and Canada, where some treatment clinics operate.

Other countries are curing their drug addicts; we criminalize them.

Today newspaper headlines warn us that the Mexican drug gangs are growing stronger because the demand in the United States for illegal drugs increases daily.

Our drug balance of trade is alive and well. They send us drugs; we send them guns, making these violent, formidable gangs even stronger. I think they are getting the better of the deal

This very bloody clash is now spilling over to our side of the border. When are we going to admit that we have lost the war on drugs? When the blood of violence runs unchecked on Main Street, USA,  will we then sit up and take notice?

All the while there is a cure; there has been a cure for addiction. And remember that without the demand for recreational, illegal drugs, drug trafficking would cease. And the crimes associated with drug trafficking would they crease, too? I think so. Crime will continue, but the need to commit crimes for the sake of a fix would end.

After 47 years it is time to forget about a “war” that we are never going to win and focus on treatment. Perhaps we can still save this generation of addicts.

For more information, check out the web site, “The Ibogaine Dossier,” an extensive library dedicated to providing information on ibogaine.




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