Changing Times

It is a great time to be a thinker, a dreamer and a debater of great ideas. This is the stuff that will fill future history books: a woman ran for national office; she did not win her party’s nomination, but there will be a next time.

For the first time in our history, an African American man was a candidate for president. His opponent was a white man and a national hero, a formimable opponent and, yet, the black man won.

Lastly, we are witnessing the demise of venerable institutions we thought would stand forever, untouchable and protected behind their massive marble pillars. Now the institutions that had inspired awe, inspire exasperation and even a little disgust.

Trying to keep up with it all is a full time job.

If we dare use the gifts of our intelligence, we will not just survive; we will flourish.  I believe Americans are at our best when we think and work outside the box. We now have a leader who encourages just that, yet some detractors such as Rush Limbaugh, the entertainer who would pass as an intellectual, would see him fail.

Mr. Limbaugh does not understand that if President Obama fails, we all fail and we all will pay the consequences. He says that if Mr. Obama succeeds, we will lose some of our freedoms. What does he think we will lose if Mr. Obama fails?

Is Mr. Limbaugh’s worldview so limited that he cannot see our enemies already circling a weakened United States? Like sharks they smell the tantalizing drops of first blood in the water; they jockey for a better position in the perceived shift in power.

But then let us not blame this entirely on Rush Limbaugh; he is after all just trying to make a buck by being funny and outrageous on the radio. Let’s not accept his mindless ranting as serious comments because if his words were serious, they might be considered as treasonous by some.

However, perhaps encouraged by the bellicose ravings on talk radio, some of our leaders continue to play politics and are neglecting the nation’s business.

We, the ordinary people, the voters, do not have the luxury to stand by, watching our elected officials continue with business as usual as they pursue some ideology or hidden agenda. Everyone entrusted with our votes must work at financial recovery because this country must not fail.

Unlike some of Wall Street moguls, who reward incompetence with bonuses, we the ordinary citizens of this country have a right and a responsibility to reward incompetence with a boot to the seats of many pants come next Election Day.

Let’s make them understand with an important message:

We are watching you!


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