Renaming A.I.G.

I can understand why American International Group Inc. feels the need to change its name. Chief executive officer Edward Liddy told Congress last week the A. I. G. name was “so thoroughly wounded and disgraced that we’re probably going to have to change it.”

This idea gives rise to a few questions:

Does it really matter if they change the name?

Is anything else going to change in addition to the name—like the executives?

Are  we, the American people, so dumb we won’t know it is still A. I. G.?

I have a few names that  at least might make us grin, such as the Greenback Kids—no,  no sexy initials with that name. How about Hoodwinkers Annonymous and shorten it to HA? Or there is always Spendthrift Swingers Inc. and they can abbreviate that to  SSI?

Hey, wait I got it. How about Spending Hoodwinkers International Thieves.  With that name they will have appropriate initials with which to decorate their glittering buildings.


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