NCO Update

This is an update from my March 5, 2009 posting  NCO Is Back Again

Yesterday I received a form letter from the State of New York Department of Public Service, Public Service Commission. This form letter was in response to my letter of complaint over a collection letter sent from NCO Financial Services as agent for Con Edison – Brooklyn; the amount in question is thirty-eight dollars and sixty cents.

The news from New York  is that my recent correspondence does not involve a matter under the jurisdiction of the agency because the matter has already gone to a collection agency. They have forwarded my letter to the NYS Department of Law – Attorney General.

Oh, boy! We are beginning to go round in circles, struggling as we go. It does not seem to matter that I have never received a bill from the utility in question, that I have never lived in Brooklyn and I have never entered into any type of business arrangement with Con Ed in Brooklyn, NY.

All of a sudden, without warning, this little firecracker has dropped onto my lap.

I can prove my claim—if anyone would listen.

I am beginning to feel like the victim of legalized mugging and there never is a cop around when you need one.

Can this be another case, I wonder, of some identity thief using my information? Ultimately, I don’t know if knowing really matters. At this point I just need to continue fighting to protect my credit history. And it should not be this time consuming or difficult. But nothing important is easy.

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