The Many Lives of Blueberry Muffin – Chapter 3


One evening Kim died suddenly and without warning at eleven years of age. Three hours later, Ringo also died; he was twenty-three years old. They both had enjoyed long, active and healthy lives, but were now at the end of life; it was just their time. However, I had not expected both of them to go together.

 It was a sad time, an end time, a time of changes. I was shaken.

I received understanding and condolences from friends, but there was no solace for the Siamese cat who had lost her only true friend and constant companion.

Evan as the vetenarian removed the remains, Muffin’s plaintive cries reverberated through the stillness of that fall night. She was a small, cat, only seven pounds, but the sounds Muffin made belied her size. The entire house was not big enough to contain her grief. My neighbor, Joe, from across the road telephoned to ask what was causing the “jungle sounds.” Joe told me that the sounds were very upsetting to Marie, his wife, and that I had to stop disturbing the peace, for Heaven’s sake! People had to work in the morning. 

When I tried to comfort the cat and quiet her down, for the first time ever Muffin scratched my hand.

Sometime during the night, however, Muffin jumped on my bed and curled up between my feet; that is where I found her when I awoke the next morning.

Muffin had loved Kim and she had adored Marlena, I was just the one who fed her and cleaned her litter box. She had never been an affectionate cat with me, yet Muffin started following me from room to room. Mornings she greeted me with the chirps and trills that are common with Siamese cats when they decide to “vocalize” and she would run to the door to greet me when I returned home from an outing. We discovered a whole new friendship.

But quickly I discovered that she had a mean, jealous side to her character that I had not known existed. She started hissing and growling at my friends when they came to visit.

The following month I adopted Madison Avenue, a beautiful German shepherd puppy and Muffin was not happy at all with the situation, with me or with the newcomer. I had never suspected cats of being capable of plotting revenge; Muffin certainly was and she did.

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