Wage Discrimination

My friend, Mary, is a passionate woman. She has had many loves in her life, but few have been as deeply felt as her passion for justice.

I have copied Mary’s comment on the Lily Ledbetter law below because it expresses a point of view that to my knowledge no one else has expressed:

“I am so pleased with the Lily Ledbetter law. I have been the victim of pay discrimination myself as have millions of women. The criminals on the Supreme Court live in another century. (See the dissenting opinion by Ruth Bader Gingsburg.)


The most interesting thing about wage discrimination is not that no one knew about it, but rather that the powers that be (the criminals who occupy some of the seats on the Court) think that wage discrimination is okay!”

Now, I ask Mary a question: Why do you think that so many younger women are apathetic about wage discrimination? Are they are unaware that it still exists? Have they have bought into the notion that wage discrimination is okay?

Kentucky women, for example, continue to vote for senators who have proven by their votes they believe it proper to pay women less money for the same work.

Someday perhaps I will hear a tumult of feminine voices demanding to know why.

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