Margaret, Helen and Ann Coulter

Yesterday, I was reading one of my favorite blogs by writers — Margaret and Helen when I realized why I like reading them so much. They write in such an honest, clear and down-to-earth style that I each time I read a post, I imagine myself enjoying their company and laughter. Their views are homespun gold and it does not hurt one bit that I agree with them.

Margaret and Helen have been talking about Ann Coulter and what they say is hilarious. With hundreds of comments after each post, (gosh I am so jealous!) their readers obviously enjoy and agree what Margaret and Helen have to say; however, in all their ranting and raving about Ms. Coulter’s extreme views, no one seems realize just how happy they are making the object of their disdain. I am sure Ms. Coulter is, as they say, laughing all the way to the bank.

Well, in a way I admire Ann Coulter, that low IQ pseudo intellectual who has figured out how to get paid for the garbage she churns out. She has people buying her books and watching her interviews on TV — eager to hear her views as if they actually were worth hearing. How did she manage to pull that off?

Like certain other stand up comics, Ann Coulter titillates people by spewing outrageous comments and views. She makes us laugh; she makes us gasp. That has got to be worth some currency in some markets. In my humble opinion, the only thing Ann Coulter believes in is raking in the cash. If tomorrow we all decide to agree with her views, she would probably swing left.

The only way to end her hateful spewing is to turn our collective backs on the venom she spits and ignore her. It might take a while, but eventually she would slink off into the mire from which she sprang.

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One thought on “Margaret, Helen and Ann Coulter

  1. I love the ladies and have followed them for awhile= funny how I came upon yours, I live in London, Canada, but I from bowling green Ky! I am new at this, can I follow you somehow through facebook? that is were I am most. I got started because of grandchildren!! wanda ann

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