Winter in the Bluegrass

This has been a difficult winter even for someone like me who likes snow.

Still Standing

Still Standing

The ice had bent its boughs, but after just one hour of sunlight the tree has regained its posture. I can hear the cracking, snapping sound of ice yielding to the late afternoon sun, even if the sun appears pale and anemic.

The city is ill equipped for this type of winter; no one has come by in the last three days to plow the street. Under all the snow there are at least three inches of ice. But we are lucky, nevertheless; we still have electricity. About forty thousand in Lexington do not.

View From the Front Door

View From the Front Door

You can only guess where the road is. It is so cold that no one ventures outdoors; however, I saw rabbit tracks by the garage door.

And the weatherman says it may snow again on Monday.

I am so done with winter. Will spring come early this year?

Waiting for Spring

Waiting for Spring

Nothing is sadder than a patio covered in snow. This is my favorite summer place where I sit to read surrounded by flowers.

The chair patiently waits for spring; I am the one who is impatient.

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