The Horse Capital of the World

Lexington, KY, the Horse Capital of the World is more then a city devoted to the horse, magnificent horse farms and Keeneland (more than just a racetrack; for many people it is a way of life, an incomparable life style); there is also a fierce love for sports, although basketball seems to dominate, a proud history, beautifully preserved historic buildings and a lavish use of statuary graces this city.

In the summer, flowers tumble from carefully tended hanging baskets; water gushes, spews and tumbles from sparkling fountains. I fell in love with this city when first I saw it nine years ago.


Lexington, the Blind Hero of Woodburn, who was known as the best race horse of his day, became the leading sire of North America.

Old Court House

The old Fayette Courthouse is now a museum. Confederate General John Hunt Morgan guards the courthouse.

Fountain In the Park

Fountain In Gratz Park

The young girl who posed for this sculpture lived not far from the site of this fountain. She has long since grown up, aged and passed on, but she still romps in the fountain with her friend, both of them forever young.

Historical House

Historic House Built Circa 1850

This is one of my favoite homes in the historic downtown area.

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