Exploring Lexington, Kentucky

Lexington, Kentucky in the heart of the Bluegrass is the only city I know that has a horse race seemingly thundering through its streets. The first time I saw this incredibly beautiful bronze work, I was speechless.

Thoroughbred Park Downtown Lexington, Kentucky

Thoroughbred Park Downtown Lexington, Kentucky

Each horse and rider can be identified by those people who know their thoroughbreds and jockeys, but that is not me. Nevertheless, I can admire the beauty of this work. In addition I am always left wondering, who will win the race? The winner could even be the last horse. Living in the Bluegrass I have learned never to take for granted the outcome of a race.

In the Lead

Almost There

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3 thoughts on “Exploring Lexington, Kentucky

  1. The race has already been won. Notice the slot in the brick wall at the very front of the race. If you walk to the other side and look through it, you will see that it is the finish line and that one of the horses wins by a nose.

    I forget which horse it is.

    I think that it is a brilliant work all around, from the conception to the execution to the way it fits into the reality of Lexington. The fact is that it WAS built, partially, to hide a poverty-stricken area. Horse racing is a thing of great beauty but it also causes great suffering to the poor. The sculpture reflects that.

  2. Thank you so much for that information about the race. As soon as all this rain stops I am going to go downtown and check it out.

  3. That is so cool about the slot in the wall! I never knew that! I’m gonna have to go down and check that out too!

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